Link clicking causes opening new tab with error

** Description of the issue; How can this issue be reproduced?**

When I browse (usually using as search engine) and click on the link it is opened in a new tab. But often it open a new tab with the error “about:blank” and the link is not loading. So I need to reclick from search engine many times or hold a click and press “open in new tab” to open the link from search engine in the new tab.

**Expected result: Always normal without error opening links.

**Brave Version( check About Brave); Mobile Device details; Additional Information:

1.58 (

BraveCore 1.58.141 (117.0.5938.153)

iPhone 7 (iOS 15.8)

Earlier this error not existed but after some Brave iOS update this error appeared (many months ago) and is really annoying because require excessive clicking.

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