Bitcoin account missing account details

Description of the issue: Bitcoin info such as key and address not available to user; the instructions from a former post does not apply to Bitcoin (or at least for me).

To be clear, I am referring to “Bitcoin BTC on Bitcoin Mainnet”.

Is the issue occurring on a specific network?
What operating system are you using? Windows 11

Brave Version (check About Brave): Brave 1.65.123 Windows 64-bit

Additional Information:

Ethereum has the Export option but Bitcoin does not.

@gimmeyurfries I don’t have an answer on exporting or anything, but account details are there. The challenge/trick is that they don’t have it under the Accounts area for some reason.


What you would need to do is go to Deposit and then click on the account. It will then display. For example:

I was worried that perhaps this would be different, so I compared with Ethereum 0xee99a5ee8dCedfd6F471257565f4DcC9B56d4A05:


In any case, it’s currently Friday night. Most likely you’ll need to wait for @Evan123 or someone from Brave to speak with you on this after they get back on Monday. Usually nobody from support is active over the weekend…

Also, be wary if anyone happens to respond here claiming to be Support and instructs you to click links, go to live chat, or whatever as they are scams. Usually the bots that create here will post something like in the screenshot below:

Hi Saoiray,

Thanks for that. It helped. I wanted to export the key because at first Brave Wallet wasn’t working when I attempted to send bitcoin with Brave Wallet. When I hit “Preview Buy”, nothing happened after numerous attempts. It seems that Brave Wallet fails over time, but thankfully a simple refresh fixed the problem. Hopefully, I can reproduce the issue I just mentioned, but anyways…

So, I guess the only thing remaining is the ability to export the key for the Bitcoin account.

Optionally, to remain consistent in the UI, to show the public address similar to the “Solana Account 1” and ethernum “Account 1”.

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