BTC not Tradeable?

Description of the issue:
I’ve finally decided that I will use Brave Wallet as my main online wallet and will start transferring BTC from my central exchange wallet, but when I went to look for the BTC address in my Brave Wallet, the BTC listing under “Markets” is missing “deposit” and “buy” buttons. What have I done wrong?

What operating system are you using?
I’ve checked this on both my Windows 11 laptop and my Android phone.

Brave Version (check About Brave): Latest versions on both devices.


Is it possible that I’m not allowed to transfer BTC in to the Brave Wallet based on my location - Philippines?

I ask this since I can see most other major networks but BTC is missing (and it’s the only one I want)!

@snowweb Bitcoin is not “officially” supported yet. I say officially just in terms that it is not yet released natively within the browser on Release version of Brave. That said, they do have it in the experimental stages where you can enable Bitcoin via brave://flags and it should work.

They just haven’t gotten it to the point where they feel comfortable having it turned on by default.

Oh wow! I’m surprized as I was thinking that Bitcoin would be the very first supported coin.

Thank you sir for the information. I think I will wait for the official release.

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