Best way to restart sync from scratch on Debian 11 with KDE ?


I’m among the lucky users of KDE on Debian 11 that Brave doesn’t like at all (Sync is broken with KDE and Brave Sync feature is no more accessible now in Brave complaining about storage access).
From what I have read on bugtracker it looks like problem has been solved now. What is best way to get Sync back avaible and restart Sync properly ? I’m running Brave 1.51.114
I have already a backup of my bookmarks, password are not stored in Brave and I don’t care about history, cookies… Regarding add-ons in Brave I can reinstall them easily so no big deal too.
Should I proceed like that ? (inspired of what I had done in past with Firefox or other browsers when they go wrong !):

  • Close Brave
  • Delete the directory BraveSoftware in /home/myaccount/.config
  • Restart Brave that should be perfectly clean
  • Reinstall add-ons, import bookmarks
  • Reactivate Sync
  • Do the same on all my other computers.

Thanks for your help,


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