Battery drain when trying to watch videos

** Having serious battery drain in my laptop:**
I recently switched to brave from chrome

  1. My laptop fan speeds up whenever I watch a youtube video or Netflix and it is causing battery drain very fast.
  2. If I try to disable hardware accelaration, videos in youtube and netflix stutter a lot.

This doesn’t happen with chrome on my laptop:

**Brave Version :90

Any fix for this ?

Can anyone help me on this issue ?

Hey Uday,

Firstly, can you update your browser? Secondly, can you confirm if disabling hardware acceleration fixes the issue with your battery drain?

Same, I have to use other browser to watch youtube.

I have updated and using latest version .
I haven’t tested extensively with harware acceleration disabled but , if I disable it Netflix videos are not playing in HD, and it stutters.

Have you experienced any battery issues after testing it? I’d like to confirm if hardware acceleration is also causing this issue before I move on.

Yes, even when hardware accelaration is turned off ,my CPU usage is high resulting in battery drain.
Iam Switching to Firefox or latest edge browser.

Turning off hardware acceleration, will increase CPU resources. But can be less problematic when viewing videos. To decrease CPU resources, enabling hardware acceleration will help (but will increase GPU resources). It is a trade off between using additional CPU or GPU resources

May help, also tuning the output video resolution will help (maybe keep it 720p/1080p)

I think since Brave monitors user activity on tabs for rewards programme all the time and stores the log (although the data stays in the browser itself). It is bound to consume more power as compared to other browsers. How much more I cannot say.

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