BAT tips not showing and not posting to uphold

I have reached out multiple times and I am not getting any help. Can someone help? Here is my original post and thread My BAT is not transferring from brave publisher to uphold

Whatever you linked to is not visible by anybody. I am guessing that you are referring to something that was converted over to a private message or that originated as a direct message.

I would also like to direct your attention to this topic just in case it’s something that you were not aware of as I think it will apply.


I have spent months trying to fix this. My Twitter account shows verified. My account is linked to UpHold in the US, I disconnected and re-connected multiple times. Still, when someone sends me a tip, or when I try to pay myself from a browser, the transaction never shows. I have made multiple transactions and the last payment I see is from April 2021. Where are all my BATs gone and why are they not being received?

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That’s not something Brave supports. They don’t want people trying to self tip. Could end up in you being flagged.
Best thing to do will be to raise a ticket I guess.

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