BAT rewards disappearance and lack of payout for last 4-5 months

Description of the issue:
Have not received BAT Rewards since 4 months ago. All “Estimated earnings for this month” just vanish from my browser and are not deposited into my uphold wallet.

I have attempted to restore my browser using my private key but the system repeatedly claims it to be incorrect, even though it is 100% the correct key. I have Brave browser synced on my laptop and IOS device but still do not receive any rewards on either.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):

Every month my rewards just disappear from my browser as though it is entirely reset. Sometimes mid-month my accrued rewards will go back to 0 BAT for no reason.

The rewards are not being lost to contributions to other publishers or content creators.

Brave Version: v 1.27.109

I updated my macOS from an old version to macOS Big Sur in the past week but this issue has been occurring repeatedly since prior to this operating system update.

Any additional help or advice about how to potentially restore lost BAT rewards or at least prevent future unexplained disappearance of rewards would be greatly appreciated

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