BAT rewards aren't automatically depositing into Uphold anymore

Briefly describe your issue: Since May, I haven’t received been receiving automatic deposits of BAT into my linked Uphold account. Last month I was issued a refund which was deposited after following up on this forum and at the help desk, and I’m wondering if anyone could provide some further insight into why this may be happening? Before May everything ran like clockwork, and had been receiving my rewards into Uphold for almost a year consistently without any issues.


What Operating System and Brave version are you using? Mac OS, Brave Version 1.52.130

Who is your verified custodian? Uphold

Are you in a supported region? Yes, Australia.


Ticket number is: 206701 and created on July 11, 2023. In addition to finding my lost June rewards, I want to investigate why this started happening and what I can do to resolve the problem.

Thanks for the assistance!

I have the same issue. Didn’t receive payputs for Mai and June.

Follow steps at the topic I’ve linked.

I just created a Ticket 207585

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