BAT Payout lower than expected

I’m showing that I just got Nov payout of 3.25 BAT, and I have X amount of days to claim it. However I was suppose to get 15.635 BAT. @Mattches Could you please look into this when you have a moment. Thanks

We are making an effort to handle most cases like this via our ticketing system — can you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our Rewards Support form?

Thank you

Hey Mattches, how long’s it take to hear back after submitting a support ticket? I imagine you guys took Christmas off, but I haven’t heard anything yet. Ticket Number 171923

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@Sarys They are on vacation, I believe. Usually 3-5 business days is response time. But most of Support is taking PTO (paid time off) for the holidays. May have to wait here until after New Years.

That said, do make sure you’re keeping an eye out on your email. All support will be happening there after submitting the ticket.

Happy New Year then everyone. Be back after.

I know it was Christmas 12 days ago, and new years 5 days ago, but I still haven’t heard anything of the support ticket I submitted on the 21st.

@Sarys 21st was Saturday, so they wouldn’t have been working then or the next day. Most were on PTO from about then too. Some, such as SaltyBanana, are even still on vacation.

Then lot of the others been coming back around January 3, give or take.

That said, I’ll tag @Evan123 and @Mattches to see if either might be able to check in on your ticket 171923. However, know that they are still catching up to tickets and generally handle in order received. But at least tagging in might have them able to look back and make sure nothing being missed.

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