BAT only received for two out of five devices (and other BAT issues) - update 4/17/2021

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I initially posted this question under:

It was almost immediately CLOSED with a request to send information to @steeven . I sent the requested information 10 days ago and have not even gotten a response.

Can @steeven @Mattches or someone please look into the issue? The details are below:

In March, I received BAT for four of the five browsers I use (2 Windows 10 computers, 1 Android Phone, and two Kali Linux VMs). I don’t think I had enough BAT on my phone to tie it to my Uphold account, so that probably explains the phone.

In April, I only received BAT from 2/5 browsers I use.

The “Your wallet” section on the phone is showing 0.000 BAT (which should be significantly higher). If I click Claim it shows 3.000 BAT. That BAT never gets added on the phone, though. This most likely happened in previous months, because my phone is showing 0.000 BAT.

For the Windows machines and Kali VMs, I received two deposits. I’m not sure which two devices worked and which two didn’t, but I know I have viewed Brave ads on all four. The amounts I did receive did seem low, but that could be normally depending on which of the 2 were actually properly processed.

Lastly, on one of my Kali VMs, the next payment date is showing as June 5, rather than May 5.

I spent a lot of time collecting information and screenshots on five devices, which I sent to @steeven . I’m not sure why I haven’t even gotten a reply on that.

I assume you are aware there is a limit of 4 instances of Brave you can connect to Uphold? Once you go over that limit unpredictable things start to happen.

@klompje , I was not aware of any such limitation. I’m not sure if my Android device would count though, because it isn’t linked to Uphold yet.

If this is going to cause problems in the future, though, is there a way to unlink some of my browsers from Uphold? I don’t use the two Kali VMs nearly as much as I use the standard Windows machines, so if I can unlink them it would probably help.

Does anyone know if @steeven or @mattches still work for Brave support? If not, does anyone know who I could tag to get some help?

Apologies for the late reply – we have a very large volume of tickets/support requests we’re working through right now and appreciate your patience.

At this time, the linking limit (how many different devices/wallets can be linked to the same Uphold account) is 4. So the 5th device would not be able to deposit earned Rewards to your Uphold account.

As for why all of your other devices didn’t deposit into Uphold correctly, it’s very likely that you’re encountering this known issue that the team is addressing presently:

@Mattches , is there a way to remove a device from syncing with Uphold? I would like to remove my VMs, since I am not on them much. My Android device is probably where I would accumulate the most BAT. I don’t recall ever seeing that there is a limit to the number of linked devices. If that is a problem, it should be prominently displayed so you don’t accidentally link more than the allowed number.

If there is no way to remove a device, that is very short sighted, since people generally upgrade mobile devices every couple years.


I agree completely. Support has been pushing to get this particular mechanism refactored to be more flexible. While I can’t give you any timeline at the moment, I hope it helps knowing that we are working towards a solution.

@Mattches , just to confirm, there is no way to remove a device from syncing to Uphold? Is that correct?

At this time no, there is not. Again I do apologize for the inconvenience and agree that more realistic/flexible options should be available for users and I assure you we are working to get those implemented as soon as possible.

At this point, it doesn’t seem the Brave Rewards program is quite ready for Primetime. I should probably just disable it on all of my devices, until it is working reasonably well. Currently, it’s just not worth the hassle.


Yes i agree - it is like a project of 2 high school kidies and have been fun coins. Now after the increasing on the market, the coin has real value and the Brave is still on the level hobby

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