BAT on Phone refuses to deposit or add

Brave on android still doesn’t deposit and has refused to accrue for months. Explanation please

I also haven’t received my payout from the desktop browser despite it being the 7th, but I’ll give that until the end of the day.

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On your uphold wallet, you can click on Brave Browser Rewards, and it will show you the date you received your payouts from previous month. I am telling you this, because most of my rewards are received on the 8th, even though payout is obviously on the 7th. I would wait till the end of the day tomorrow and see rather then waiting till just tonight.

Hope it resolves itself and you get your BAT my guy ! GL

I figured it might as such, but that is also a secondary issue at the moment.

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I even tried reinstalling Brave from google play and now it’s telling me the 2.50 BAT is gone and I have to over form 0

This is Intolerable

As BAT is considered a form of currency, should I be contacting the proper authorities about this issue?

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