BAT balance deleted after verifying second device

I have three devices that have been running Brave Rewards for a long time with no verification - My laptop, my phone and my desktop computer. On Dec 26 I verified my account on my laptop with Uphold, which worked. Then I decided to verify my phone wallet, which had even more BAT than my laptop. I verified it using the same Uphold account, and the balance was instantly updated to the same balance as the one on my laptop, which means all of the BAT from my phone balance just disappeared. The amount of BAT was about 36 (It was $48 at the time).

I would also like to verify my PC without losing the BAT in a similar manner.

My phone is an android running Brave version 1.33.106, Chromium 96.0.4664.110

As mentioned, I verified my wallet with Uphold on Dec 26, about 7 PM UTC

I’m not using a VPN.

I am in Denmark, a supported region.

My device passes the SafetyNet test.

I have manually turned off auto-contribute.

This post is a duplicate of my post from DEC 26 because I did not receive a reply.

To clarify, the second verification (phone) was about 7 PM UTC, the first (laptop) verification was on the same day, but a bit earlier, possibly around 6 PM UTC, if that helps whatsoever.

Hello – can you please send me a DM with the wallet payment ID of the devices you’re using? You can find this on your brave://rewards-internals page (General info tab).

I sent a direct message

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