BAT is not transfered this month - Next payment extended to july 6

First machine

Second machine

I have sync brave rewards in 3 different machine,

One machine showing:
Estimated pending reward: 14.3 BAT
Next payment date: 6 jul
Upload sync bar showing ‘Uh o! the Brave Rewards server is not responding. We will fix this as soon as possible’

Another machine:
Estimated pending rewards: 1.2 BAT
Next payment date: Jun 6
But, uphold synced

Why this happening? Actual today is my payment date. I didn’t receive any BAT’s.

Can you please kindly fix it ? Any ETA?


I have the same problem!

Exactly the same problem for me, i’m coming from 15.5 BAT to 3.4 BAT without claiming anything and i’ve got 0 BAT in wallet. I’ve just checked yesterday and get a picture of it.

Hi all,
Please see - May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors .

@Asad I somehow received 18.2374 BAT and the error is still persisting.

BTW, my android mobile brave browser rewards shown claim button this morning. When I click it, spinner started spinning and it continued… Then, I refreshed… Buffffffff everything gone… BAT set to ) again.

Can you resolve that too ?

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