BAT getting withdrawn from my accounct


I just got back to my PC after a weeks vacation and I noticed 0.25 BAT had been withdrawn from my Uphold Wallet. It’s almost everything I had earned from watching ads and I know I had deactivated automatic contributions from day one, which also is 1 BAT. I was just wondering why and how can you just withdraw from my account without my approval? But mostly why did Brave take my rewards when automatic contributions is deactivated ?

@Jarlen420 do you have Brave on multiple devices or profiles? Part of where I’m asking is someone not long ago had been using Brave at home and had Auto-Contribute turned off. But then they installed at work and connected there. They thought when they synced, all settings would too. As such, they forgot to turn it off for their work PC and the BAT got taken as auto-contribute had been on by default. Just trying to get you to think if something similar may have happened with you.

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Hello Saoiray

Yeah sorry I read some of the other post regarding the same issues and could the reason be that I had this function enabled on my phone which is synced with my private and working PC? Thanks for the reply