BAT from Uphold wallet sent to Brave Publishers, even though I did not authorize it

Sent an email to support and was told to post here.

On March 3rd, 2021, I had my BAT in my Uphold wallet transferred out of my account to Brave Publishers.

I didn’t authorize this transaction and I had “Auto-Contribute” set to off.

Can I please get some help?


hi @wlywongka if you are using the sync feature, make sure the auto-contribution is disabled i all devices.

Thanks for the response. I checked all my devices and every single one has auto-contribution turned off.

Is the solution for this to DM @steeven for some support?

Yes, he is able to sent you your bat back don’t forget send screenshots of uphold’s transactions too

I have the same problem. Without authorization BATs were send from my Uphold wallet to Brave Publishers. Could you please send instructions how this can be solved. In the. meantime I disabled Brave rewards because this was highly suspicious, unsecure and unexpected.

Try to set up 2 factor authorization in your Uphold wallet. It solved this bug for me.

I actually have 2 factor authentication for my account and they were still able to withdraw funds to brave publisher without my permission.

Does feel a little shady but hopefully this gets resolved.

go to Integration and check the permission you have/that were configured/enabled with Brave and you can see that Brave can everything and don’t think that this is good … all BAT’s were transferred. And this is not a matter with 2FA because it’s enabled since day 1.

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