BAT Transfers Back to Publishers from Uphold (Resolved)

Hi guys,

Not sure if anyone else has this issue but I’ve noticed that since I verified my wallet and created an Uphold account, my BAT will transfer to my Uphold account every month from Brave. However, just before the next BAT is transferred the following month, the BAT from my previous month gets transferred back to the Publishers.

I’ve noticed this has happened for a long time and Uphold support suggested getting support from the Brave community.

Has anyone else experienced this before? Is there a setting in missing or activated by mistake that causes this to happen?

Any help is appreciated :+1:

Pls check if you have turned on auto-contribute. It sends BAT to websites that you visit. Try turning it off.

Thanks for the advice. I’m not sure where that option might be. Are you able to guide me to see how I might be able to turn it off, please?

Thanks again :+1:

Hello Charmskey;

Go to the rewards page and check if your Auto contibute is switched off
and also the montly contribution are set to zero


Thank you @Menno. Auto-contribute was switched on. I have turned this off and will see if next month the same thing happens. Thank you for your input :slight_smile:

Pleasure is all mine :crazy_face:

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