My bat reward coins automatically transferred to brave publisher

hi my bat reward coins automatically transferred to brave publisher.
earlier i thought i transferred it by mistake but then i checked it and found that i never did that.
i was trying to send my bat to internal card in uphold wallet and it was successful.

this was done automatically. i never authorised it,


please help me with returning of my bat to my account please.

Transaction created using Brave Browser .
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PS: i didnt send it intentionally to anyone.

i thought that i sent it but its sent automatically without any authorization

@steeven @sampson @brian please help me with this issue.,

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i ran brave://rewards-internals/ this is some kind of contribution i never authorised.
this is event log

@JohnDproof please help

@mukulsharma search for steeven profile and send him a message form there

in the message attach the next info and the info from the transaction in uphold.

and please, wait patiently for his reply, as you should have noticed the are currently a lot of issues with the rewards system, so the brave team is probably very busy, if you think that he is taking too long to answer, contact him through the same dm thread

that´s all I can do for you

Same for me today, 1 BAT was sent from my uphold wallet to Brave, never authorised this…

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no update as of now… still waiting

Same here. Lost 100BAT the same way. Still no refund, it’s been 6 days since I contacted Uphold and Brave. I’m loosing hope, I’m starting to think we’ll never going to get a refund.

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