Was expecting 28 BAT but received .775 BAT

Good Morning,
I’ve been a Brave user since early 2018. I’ve never received any BAT before but noticed that I finally saw 10.750 BAT finally appear in my wallet last month. I noticed that my Brave Rewards page said that I had an “Estimated pending rewards” payout of 28.304 BAT that was expected on May 5. Then I checked this community page and decided to wait until May 10. Last night (May 10), I received .775 BAT instead of the 28.304 that was originally posted on my Rewards page. Please assist.



I have the same issue on both my android phone and pc. I got way less BAT than was pending and the pending rewards did not decrease after the little BAT that I got

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The same thing happened to me and a bunch of people i know. I wont continue with the ad programif they do these kinds of things in the future.

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I’m in the same position. Estimated reward of 26 BAT and I received about 2.0 BAT. The key word here is ‘estimated’. How this is estimated I don’t know. It seems that the system is not very accurate for some, and personally I find it very misleading.

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Same issue here. They also decreased my estimated awards.

Wait, so is there anyone to help all of us with these issues?

They pay me nothing, and nobody answers the messages

Sorry to hear that. I haven’t even figured out where to send anyone messages.

Hi there @mgtm, welcome to community :smiley:

Thank you for your patience.
The amount that you received for this month is a portion of what you have been paid, the rest will be paid out for June 2021.

Salty :banana:

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