“Estimated pending rewards” bug (January 31, 2020)

Dear Brave & BAT Community,

We recently discovered a bug that affects the “Estimated pending rewards” counter in Brave Rewards. (The “Estimated pending rewards” counter keeps track of how much BAT you will earn on the payment date for viewing Brave Ads.) Users who were affected by the error may have seen their estimated pending rewards value suddenly decrease or incorrectly display 0.0 BAT.

Thanks to your swift reporting, we were able to quickly locate and resolve the bug, and will be issuing make-goods to all affected users in the coming week. This will appear as additional BAT on your upcoming Brave Ads payout.

We thank you for your understanding and for being part of Brave Ads. We shall keep everyone updated on this issue.

The Brave Team

@Asad @Mattches


What is the best way to notify you that I was affected by this bug?

Thank you Brave. I am pretty sure I was affected by this issue.

Hi, I am pretty sure that I was affected too. I receive my rewards from my mobile, but the estimated in my desktop has just disappeared

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My case is pending rewards but without the amount cut

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I am pretty sure I was affected by this bug as well. Is the pending resolution why I have also not received anything for the month of February?

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Hi, how did you withdraw from your fone?? I have 45 BAT on my Android but cannot withdraw anything. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

I received no BAT from desktop this month

I am pretty sure I was affected by this issue.

I’m also affected… My pending rewards are stuck…

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I was affected and have yet to receive the pending rewards


Hello please help me regarding my payout. It still 0.00 but I registered it last January. I am expecting any progress in my earnings. I want to see my earnings. Please help and reply to my email. Thank you.

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Does this include seeing 0.0 BAT when clicking on the Triangle in the top corner of the browser and on the Brave Rewards screen box on the right of that page? If so, I have this issue, as well. I do, however, see “estimated pending rewards” of 1.5 BAT 0.46 USD in the actual Ads box on the Brave Rewards screen.
That said, I’ve viewed multiple Ads in the last 24 hours on my desktop, mobile, and iPad, and received NO rewards credit on any of them. :frowning:

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My Brave Rewards BAT is stuck on 4.1 BAT.
Has not updated for the last few days.
Advertisements are not incrementing the BAT whatsoever.

I hope this gets resolved soon.

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My Estimated pending rewards and Ad notifications received this month is stuck.

Am I understand @chriscat right that everyone affected this issue shouldn’t be worried because Brave Rewards are fixed so seen ads will be rewarded by BAT and also Brave Rewards counter will be fixed?

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