I lost 101 BAT after connecting to Android device! (**Edit : 119 BAT**)

I had 128.00 BAT on my Android device. After connecting to the Uphold account, only 18.9 BAT has been added to my Uphold account.

This is a screen shot from a few months ago :

This is today’s screenshot :

I already had some BAT in my Uphold account, they are safe now.

@steeven Would you please take a look at this problem?

@suny24x7 If you just recently connected, then most likely it’s still processing and will be sent to you. It’s always a roll of the dice on whether it all appears immediately or if it comes with the following month’s pay.

Also, if you want steeven to look into it, you need to send him a DM with your Wallet Info that you find in brave://rewards-internals so he can look at it. Make sure you send him a DM and don’t post it here.

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As Saoiray said, it takes a few days to actually get into your uphold account.

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Thanks for your advice. I’m sending my wallet information to Steeven.

Thanks @suny24x7, reviewing your DM.

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