Since linking account to a gemini wallet all my BAT have disappeared and I am no longer receiving ads

As the title says, I recently created and linked a Gemini account to brave, however the amount of BAT in my account has gone to 0, and the amount of BAT in my Gemini account is also 0. This is despite the rewards page saying my wallet is verified with Gemini. If that wasn’t frustrating enough, since linking my Gemini account I am no longer receiving any ads on brave, so cant earn any more BAT. Any help would be greatly appreciated as feel like I’m missing out on the features of brave I like the most.

I have also experienced this problem.

I had 25BAT in my browser wallet and since linking to Gemini the balance in my wallet has reset to zero and I am receiving no rewards from ads.

It’s been about a week or so now I’m not sure where to go from here.

Can any mod help with this question? I had 10 BAT and all seem to have disappeared.

Same here, I linked to Gemini and have lost my 16 BAT, no longer receive ads, and no longer get BAT for viewing promoted new tab backgrounds

Just signed up for Gemini, verified account and then verified wallet. BAT in Brave dropped to 0 and nothing showed up in Gemini. This was about 23.5 BAT.

EDIT: I just happened to click through the linking process again and it worked the second time.

Same here, just made a post about it! Glad I’m not the only one so hopefully they’re taking care of it.

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