BAT disappeared after verifying wallet


I had about $100 worth of BAT on my browser and I finally got round to trying to deposit it into my bank account.

I made a gemini wallet and verified it. I then clicked withdraw funds and the amount in brave went to 0, it was not recieved in my gemini wallet.

Could you help me to receive my funds back please.


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The same thing happened to me. And so far they haven’t solved my problem.
If you find the solution, please help me.

Thats disappointing, ya i’ll mention a solution if i find it.

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This happened to me, too. I had about 12 BAT and went to re-verify my Uphold wallet. I also verified my Gemini wallet because I was curious. Not sure at which step my BAT disappeared but it’s no longer there.

I notice that you must have 15+ BAT and not live in NY (which I do) to transfer to Uphold. Not sure if that has anything to do with it…

i just had the same issue too! BAT disappeared after verifying with Gemini.

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