BAT claim problem

Hello, I have been using Brave on my android smartphone since July and each time I want to claim the BATs, an error message tells me to try again later!
can you help me ?

Umm not sure. if your claim amount shows Attested on brave://rewards-internals/ then you will get your Rewards eventually. Brave needs to make some tweaks that’s all.

Generally it is reflected automatically or you will have to claim again. Nothing to worry about
Had read this on @Aman_M 's post

SmartyAadi thank you for your reply, i didn’t understand everything, when i look on brave://rewards-internals/ there is no attested on the page! I have as information: seeds of key information: valid and Total balance 0 BAT.
to claim again, I have been doing it every day for 1 month without success.

That’s in the logs section BTW. Since it’s been for the last reward payout as well, I will suggest you raise a ticket. Raise one here.

From there you’ll get help from Brave’s team directly. Also I’ll suggest that anything revolving around BAT/Rewards, raise a ticket and then share the ticket id here so when Brave’s team sees a post, they’ll just retrieve Data for your ticket and solve it soon

Thank you very much for your help, I just created a ticket!

the ticket id is : 158199

good day

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