Bank Account being charged

So… I don’t remember ever downloading the browser or app. However on the 21st of this month I was charged $3 by

I don’t know what email/account my bank information is tied to but It’s not something I’ve done.

Is there anyone I can get in contact with to solve this issue to help end whatever subscription my bank account is subscribed to and then delete the account for good



Go to
Login with your Email I’d and check if you had bought the Brave Search Premium since it’s the only once costing 3$

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Yeah I’ve noticed that so I went through that link with all the Emails I have and none of them were subscribed
The only thing I can think of is that someone might have my cc number cvc and used it to buy search premium (not sure why that would be their only purchase) but I can’t find any email of mine that is tied to the premium search service and I have no recollection of ever inputting my cc number on Brave. I’ve sorted it out with my bank already though. Appreciate the help though

Please submit a ticket to us here and someone will be happy to assist:

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Not sure how this all works. It appears a hacker is doing business by scamming people on my server

What do you mean?
Please elaborate