My bank account shows a pending charge made by Brave. Why, how?!


Why am i being charged almost £8, all of a sudden?!

I cancelled von within trial time.

Please direct me to my payment details, after explaining why are you charging me to use Brave, without warning?

Brave has been my favorite browser for at least 3 years. Never charged. What’s happened?

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@suzetec reading through your topic, it seems you know why you were charged. You were signed up for a premium service? I know you mentioned that you canceled within the trial time, but at least means this is why you were charged. So the rest of it saying no warning, speaking as if it’s charging you to use Brave, etc is all misleading.

If you can create a Brave Premium Product Support Ticket at someone from Brave will be able to look into things.

Btw, you aren’t helping much by leaving the template empty and by throwing random tags on your topic. For example, you put Windows, Android, and iOS. All of those have different ways of signing up for everything. Android does it through Play Store, iOS through Apple App Store, and Windows or other desktop sign up through It’s always best to be as descriptive as possible or you make it very difficult to help you.

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