Credit Card Fraud

Brave is charging my credit card, and I have never knowingly authorized this. They don’t post any contact information on the webpage. From the threads, I can see this has happened to other people too. This feels like fraud and I want to know how to get the charges to stop.

@acn7602 let’s be clear here, Brave can’t charge you without your authorization. What tends to happen is people sign up for the VPN or other Premium services and then forget to cancel, whether it’s through the App/Play Store on their mobile devices or through the Brave Account at

So which of these have you or someone you allow to use your device(s) signed up for? And have you made sure to cancel these subscriptions?

Yes, I’m being very clear. The authorization was not knowingly given by myself or anyone in my family. I would remember signing up for something like this. It is not a case of forgetting to cancel. I saw the charges on my card and had no idea what it is. I can’t find how to cancel. I can’t find how to call someone to cancel.

The link you sent says I have no active plans- but still being charged.

@acn7602 what devices do you use? If it’s on a mobile device, have you checked your subscriptions through the App/Play Store? Subscriptions through mobile devices are on those

Btw, you can always try to create a Brave Premium Product Support Ticket at where they can try to look and help.

Guess in my clarity what I’m saying is that signing up for anything on Brave we have to pay for is not easy. It takes intent from someone. If your credit card has been stolen or compromised and someone else did it, then you need to be going through your bank to cancel and get a new one. Though it would be incredibly weird to hear that it only would be used for Brave. Being used on Brave would make it seem like a relative, friend, or roommate close to you or yourself likely did it.

My credit card was stolen, and I requested a new one- but the charges continued. I will look in the apple store for a subscription, but I haven’t seen it. All I want to do is cancel it. I will try creating a support ticket.

That’s weird, especially if the charges happening are on that same account. When you report lost or stolen, it should close that card and nothing new should be able to be charged. In fact, they should either decline all attempted charges or at least find out which ones you say aren’t authorized and then contest those.

If it is going through still, either the bank/card company is doing you wrong.

Only other thing that comes to mind is if it might be tied in more around things like the Apple App Store, at which point it would continue to charge when/if you updated payment info there.

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this as an issue. And also apologize if my initial response came across wrong. Earlier I was helping someone who tried to start off by lying that they never subscribed. Then eventually they admitted they had done it but just forgot to cancel and didn’t want the charge to go through. I was seeing your initial post as doing the same, trying to say Brave was committing fraud.

I’m not sure how much Brave will be able to see or do, but I’m sure @B-Lee or someone else from Brave will do their best to assist you. Most likely they’ll be looking for the ticket and responding via email, but at least tagging here so they are aware.

Hi @acn7602, thanks for taking the time to write in. Were you able to submit a ticket? If you can share your ticker number, I can ensure that investigating this is a priority. Thank you.

Hi @acn7602, checking back in. Let me know if this is still an issue. Thank you.

Still an issue. I will try the link.

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