BRAVE.COM recurring debit

Hi, I found a recurring debit in my checking account from BRAVE.COM (HTTPSBRAVE.CA) apparently from my debit card posted yesterday. I don’t believe I’ve ever purchased anything here (unless this is fraud) and don’t have a wallet in my brave account.

Has anyone seen this activity before? Is this even Brave? Any info is greatly appreciated, Shep

@jshepdog Three things:

  • Do you use for Desktop, Mobile, or both? On Desktop you could try going to and logging in? It logs in by you putting in your email and then clicking on the link they send. It will show you any subscriptions you have.

    If it’s on Mobile, then you need to go to the App Store and check your subscriptions there.

  • How much are you being charged? This could be Brave Search Premium, Brave Talk Premium, Brave VPN, etc. So knowing how much you’re being charged will help understand what you’ve been signed up for.

  • . You can create a support ticket at to see if anyone from Brave can help. It would be helpful if you can provide them details as explained in the above two steps when you do this.

My assumption is you had signed up for the trial for one of those and forgot to cancel.

Thank you so very much for your help. I’ll be looking into it today and let you know what I find.

This was perfect info. Honestly, I did start to look at VPN, but because I have a Firewalla Gold, I decided not to. So in fact, I had a VPN sub in there. Thanks for being a willing helper.

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