I have been charged 2 months in a row $9.99 and have no clue what for

I have never heard of brave until I saw the charges on my credit card (and googled httpsbrave.co ca). I had to create an account here to find where I can cancel this subscription or whatever I am being charged for. Someone has stolen my cc and is using it for this. Who can I talk to about this?

@joymoore $9.99/mo seems to be Brave VPN. I’m guessing you (or someone you know, perhaps a child or spouse?) signed up for the free trial and then kept it. If you’re on mobile devices, the subscriptions are done through the app store. Otherwise you would have created at account.brave.com

If you didn’t authorize charges and believe your card has been stolen, then you need to go to your bank and report it stolen. They’ll freeze your card and will issue you another one. In terms of anything you claim you didn’t authorize, they (your bank) will investigate charges and will determine if they want to put the money back to your account.

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