Balance on Android Not Showing Up in Uphold

Hi @steeven,

I have some BAT on my Brave Browser in Android. The balance isn’t showing up in Uphold.

bumping my own post in hopes someone views and comments :slight_smile:

tagging @eljuno for assistance

Have you Verified your mobile wallet?

Yeah, I have verified my wallet.

If you have recently activated mobile wallet wait for next month. It will be updated I guess…

Can you share a screenshot of your Rewards panel? BAT triangle at URL bar – to confirm if it’s already connected.


And you not see your BAT in your Uphold’s Brave Browser card? After connecting, it should automatically deposited to your Uphold. Unless you’ve used the same Uphold account for 4 browser wallets.

Yeah I’n not seeing it in my Brave Browser card. It could be that I have connected 4 wallets.
Is there a way to check to see which wallets are connected and edit them? If not, what are my options?

Not yet. The team may add this ability in the future.

Wait until the wallet limit is increased. Or until the ability to un-link’s added.

Or the default option. Use it to support creators and publishers via tips, monthly contribution, and/or auto-contribution.

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