Balance not settled

Almost month is about to end now, My last month Brave token are still not settled in my Accounts, Neither is was transferred to my uphold account because brave disconnected my uphold account.
Anyone of you guy can you please let me know! What’s wrong with it 3 weeks are over & all my last month token, are not settle till now.

Hi @pravinsinghrajput

Could you kindly submit the information surrounding your issue to our Rewards Support form. From there we can provide further assistance and investigate your case.

Thank you!

In a form i need to enter the wallet payment id but my id is not visible on the page sections ( brave://rewards-internals ) what should i do?

And could you please assist me with the problem of "Region not Supported " because on my Android this issue has occurred, from the last month where i’m unalbe to connect my uphold account to it & on other hand its connected & i also received my last month laptop brave browser, payouts.
Is there a problem is only with the Android.

That’s different. Do a favor, can you advise what version of Brave you’re using and which OS? When I ask OS, I don’t mean a Generic “Android” or something, but let us know “Android 9” or whatever you’re using.

Also, can you confirm whether you’re in an area supported for Brave Rewards? This list can be seen at

Yours is the first I’ve seen where it says no Rewards Wallet is created. You should have something under Wallet Info by default, as that’s your actual browser and its unique encryption code.

Brave version: 1.41.100
Android Version: 12
Country: India & yes it’s in Brave Ads — Supported Countries (Active Campaigns)

Entire july month is over now and i haven’t received my june bat token in my brave wallet. Even after creating a tiket on barve help center almost 17days are over still now i haven’t received any update from their side.
Will i get that token in my account or not.

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