Badly Need All in one built-in Tabs management & backup browser extension

Hello ( BRAVE ) developers, wanted to reach out before leaving all my Online reviews on this browser. This certainly is a Good & decent browser overall , but after all these years, it still needs much better improvements in the lacking (Tabs management, organization & Tabs navigation dept).

Like many today online, have to do extensive online researching or shopping, so we can easily have over 1K - 3K Tabs open, so can get very hard to navigate multi tabs in browser, as we do not always have time to go thru & clear out unwanted research tabs daily, that is why this browser would be best to stay on top, to help quickly save multi list of ever growing tabs in applicable folder categories for later.

After so many years, Why can’t ( BRAVE ) developers, at least create a standard

( All in one built-in Tabs management & backup browser extension) like or similar to (Tree style tabs) below , with most useful features, so like many today, that have many Tabs open, & need in user friendly vertical drop down view, for quick all Tabs view, navigation & desired selection of Multiple Tabs, to save & bookmark in desired tabs HTML folders for later etc.

Note: Even though Tree Style tabs by Piro, is a great, & best overall browser option (All in one Tab Mgr concept ) but like myself, (even using a newer (Updated 64Bit WIN 10 PC, 16GB RAM) & like many online reviews, Tree style tab, still just has far too many Bugs & issues to even use with Updated browsers , so cannot even really use it hardly at this time.

** ( All in one built-in Tabs management & backup browser extension) would really make

( BRAVE ) Browser stand out, So we do not have to keep installing & removing several of these mostly outdated junk addons & extensions , mostly all avail browser addons/extensions cannot keep up with Browser version Updates, ( Most cases there is always addon/extension problems with each browser update.

So even though your users are forced to use these many outdated Tabs backup addons, we still many times, poss risk losing tabs & settings, with each browser update, or like most ext.-addons that can only do a few basic Tab management options, so we have to keep installing then un-installing these mostly junk outdated ext.-addons, over & over, & constantly losing are many tabs & settings eventually, or have to keep taking hours restoring saved tabs , that now have errors, due to browser updates. ( Every few months or so, all these same ongoing Browser Tab Mgr & restore issues, due to browser updates, costs me many hours & days to try & resolve), but still no real permanent resolutions.

**So again, why can’t your developers finally create a compatible ( All in one built-in Tabs management & backup browser extension) for you browser?

Unless, which I do not believe is the case, your Browser developers are some how making revenue off all these these mostly junk outdated ext.-addons avail, that are mostly in-compatible and always keeps crashing your browser over & over?

Again, your ( browser is one of my Top Favs), that would love to leave all Excellent Reviews online,

but if you guys (can please advise back) on these same ongoing Browser Tab Mgr issues for years?

Thank you for your time & help!


**TREE STYLE TABS by Piro ( Poss only missing these addtl superhot Tab badly needed options like:

1. All Tabs search window 2. Option to select desired multi Tabs or all Tabs to Auto Back up to HTML file. 3. Quick Navigation back to most recent Tabs accessed.

**TREE STYLE TABS ( Just some of it’s most helpful hot features )

*Multiple Tab Handler allows you to select multiple tabs and operate them at a time.

*TST Bookmarks Subpanel allows you to show a small “Bookmarks” sidebar panel below tabs in the TST’s sidebar.

*TST-MiddleClick allows you to run “undo close tab” or “close currently active tab” command on middle click on the sidebar.

*Tree Style Tab Mouse Wheel allows you to switch active tab by wheel scrolling.

*Tab flip for Tree Style Tab allows you to move focus to the tab previously focused, by clicking on the active tab.

*Tree Style Tab Focus Preceding Tab on Close focuses the previous tab instead of the next tab when a tab is closed.

*Tab Unloader for Tree Style Tab allows you to unload tabs by clicking on them in the sidebar.

*Move unloaded tabs for Tree Style Tab allows you to move tabs in the sidebar without them becoming active.

*Tree Style Tab in Separate Window allows you to open the Tree Style Tab sidebar page in a new window.

*Auto Tab Discar d supports the fake context menu in the Tree Style Tab sidebar.

*UnloadTabs supports the fake context menu in the Tree Style Tab sidebar.

*Bookmark Tree for Tree Style Tab allows you to bookmark and restore trees.

*TST Hoverswitch allows you to switch tabs by hovering over them.

*TST Colored Tabs gives custom background color for tabs based on their domain.