Bad rewards behavior

Hi, I’m having problems with rewards.
Yesterday, January 6, I received a number of BAT that I don’t know where they came from. It may be from an old installation that I thought was lost after formatting the computer.
However I have the wallet activated with uphold on 3 different computers, and none of those have contributed to this month’s reward. The BAT are still in brave but have not transferred to uphold.
Different amounts in each one, despite all being activated with the same uphold account.

I also want to report a strange behavior, the amount of BAT varies randomly, as if it were obtaining data from other wallets, I do not understand what is happening.
I attach a gif to provide more information. (edit. new users cant atach)

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If that installation was linked to uphold the is very likely that happened.

How many wallets have you linked your uphold account?

In which way? If you’re talking about the quantity of bat you receive it may be normal, because the bats must be in your pending rewards for at least 2 weeks before being sent to your uphold wallet (in the stipulated payment days)

if you mean the installations prior to the formats, there will be about 6 or so.
Currently there should only be 3

I add a demo video (link to youtube)
video demonstration of what happened

@danielobas112, you’re right, that’s weird.
Try creating a new profile to see if it repeat the same behavior

Thanks for the reply

@sampson @steeven what do you think?

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