Torrents are saved in a hidden folder

Torrents are stored inside a hidden folder in a hidden folder in windows! This is a terrible place to save them. Try …/Downloads/torrents or let people choose as there is no option to select a location when using the built in webtorrent functionality and magnet link.
I spent 20 minutes trying to find it and the forum has someone asking, but there is no answer and the topic is archived.

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Hi @mangum,
Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, the current behavior is when you just Start torrenting, the file will be downloaded to your \tmp folder. Unless you click save for each file.

However, logged issue here for bulk saving the files and to write it to disk after finished


Thanks for the reply eljuno. Note that there is no option to click save for each file. After clicking a magnet link to download a torrent, it starts automatically without any save prompt.


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