Automatic answer to cookie popups

Dear Brave,
Like many people, I am bothered by those popups which explains you that you need to accept cookies, blablabla, and that anyway do not leave you the choice but to accept them or leave. I guess that they are required by regulations, but I would be pleased to have the option to choose to accept them once and for all, and have those popups automatically answered “yes, I understand, I know, …” , facilitating a smooth navigation.
Thanks for your support,

I think the best way to fix this issue is with a chrome extension. Let me locate it and I will repost.

Ok, thanks, I will also investigate on my side, though I am always uncomfortable to have anything to deal with Chrome…

I agree with you—I’d prefer a native solution.

The name of the extension is, literally, “I don’t care about cookies.”

I don’t think it is “Brave Certified,” so I won’t link to it here.

The description is as follows:

"Remove annoying cookie warnings from almost all ‘infected’ websites! The EU regulations require that any website using cookies…
Remove annoying cookie warnings from almost all ‘infected’ websites!

The EU regulations require that any website using cookies must get user’s permission before installing them. Imagine how irritating that becomes when you surf anonymously or if you delete cookies automatically every time you close the browser."

If its an extension available on Chrome Extensions store then you can install and use it. Extension vetting is still an ongoing process so if the extension isn’t reviewed by Brave you will see a message while installing but you can still go ahead and use it as long as you trust the developer of that extension.

I have installed the extension “I don’t care about cookies” . It works fine and allows quiet and smooth navigation, but I remain a bit suspicious while during the installation, it is mentionned to “require access to history” and somethingelse that I don’t remember. However, it is a considerable improvement for me, thanks a lot for this advice.

You can also block these on a per-site basis by using the CSS Filter in Brave:

This ad / company shouldn’t be allowed. Their piercing through Brave cookie /ad blocker and saying even if I close the popup window I’m accepting the cookie. Yeah, don’t think so. Brave Ads should no longer allow them to use their Ad services.


brave://adblockFanboy Annoyances List

I highly recommend enabling both Fanboy Annoyances List and uBlock Annoyances List (used with Fanboy Annoyances List).

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