Cookie Consent Pop-ups

Brave Browser (Android) needs to eliminate the cookie consent pop-ups. Or at least have a setting that enables users to completely block them.

They are at least as obnoxious as the ads that Brave is able to block 95 percent of.

It needs to operate VERY differently from “I don’t care about cookies”, which as I understand it, simply enables cookies.

Instead, Brave needs to be creative and sandbox the cookies that refuse to allow the site to operate unless you enable them. At least when this is possible. Sandbox them, and give them fake information on the user to satisfy their intrusive, privacy violating needs. And if there are actually useful cookies that, in no way violate privacy, then use some kind of AI to “understand this fact about them” and communicate that to the Brave user. And perhaps add crowd sourcing of information regarding each cookie? And/or intercept the useful functionality and replicate it between the user and the site in some way that contains the information from getting out to the site owner if possible.

When cookies are absolutely necessary for a highly secure site, then perhaps exceptions can be made in the meantime. Until better options are developed. But the cookie consent pop-up spam needs to be challenged and eliminated.

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