Cookie warnings

I really like Brave. Its fast and blocks out ads as it should. One thing however ruin it. It still shows all these cookie popup warnings occupying large part of the screen. On the desktops its easy to block them. Even Firefox and Opera Android will. But Android Chrome, Brave and the rest suffer. Too bad

Can you share a screenshot of what it is you’re describing?

I could, but I dont find any way to do it. But I really dont see why it’s necessary. It’s the most usual and commented popup on the internet forced on us by European laws. Just search for the “I dont care about coockies…” Chrome/Firefox addon and it should be crystal clear.

There are several messages that you could be referring to, which is why I asked for a screenshot - to ensure we’re both on the same page.

We have some plans to work against these notifications but nothing ready to deploy yet. We too are frustrated with these pop-ups/notifications and are well aware of their prevalence. Hopefully it helps to know that the team is aware and working on a way around these issues.

Thats good news. Thanks

And two and a half years later there still is no solution to it. I’m gonna have to look for alternatives to Brave now because that cookie thing has been driving me nuts!

It’s very disappointing, better yet extremely frustrating, that a feature like that fitting Brave’s mission perfectly and which is widely requested is still not implemented after such a long time…


Sorry to see you go!
We have a lot of projects, features and fixes that are all clambering for priority. Unfortunately we cannot include everything everyone wants all the time. Note that we do have an open issue on this and I went ahead and added your report as a +1 to the issue on your behalf: