Autofill passwords on IOS doesn't work - keeps getting ignored

*Description of the issue:
Autofill username and password doesn’t always work on IOS. It seems to be more often then not if you have multiple accounts one one website. I have confirmed that the password is actually synced to brave, but there is no way to autofill it. I can also see by searching that this has been address many times, only to have it closed down.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. open 2 accounts with google, microsoft, twitter or bet365… I am not sure if it would work if I only had 1 account with them.
  2. Make sure they are in your password list in brave
  3. try to autofill on IOS

Additional Information:
Works fine on desktop version.

I encounter the same problem. Just use your iCloud keychain or a 3rd party app like bitwarden instead. That’s alot more secure than storing passwords in a browser

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Yes, that would solve the problem. But I dont even get the “password” field above the keyboard like in Chrome. So I cant choose bitwarden or iCloud either. Does that work for you?

Some sites like google and microsoft doesnt allow for bitwarden to be opened, but some others like bet365 do. So it solves part of the problem.

I found a solution that might actually work. When trying to log in to microsoft, I could actually just type my username so it takes me to the second screen, here I do get the “passwords” so I can use bitwarden. This is great, this was a showstopper for me but now I will continue my usage.

I have the same problem and I would like to understand if this is a working feature in iOS or not. I am aware of alternatives but I would like to use the integrated feature if possible.

Since it works in Chrome I would say it’s not an IOS problem.

i think you’ll have to type in the username or email first, the the password auto fills

that is how it works for me

That is right Kevin, that works for me as well. But with a lot of accounts i’ts kind of a deal breaker for me not to have the usernames as well.

true, the devs probably should look into it.

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