Improve Autofill Recognition to match Safari

When autofilling passwords in Brave, some password or username fields are not recognized while they are in safari. Take amazon for example:

Safari automatically shows up with the autofill prompt whereas Brave doesn’t. When you enter your email and then click through to actually entering you password, though, Brave shows the password fill button.

I would really like this fixed as this is one of the only reasons why I still use Safari - it is really annoying if I have to manually go and find the username/email in my vault when using Brave.

Thanks for looking into this!

I’ve experimented with it a bit more and found that this issue is only for sites with multi-page logins (such as Amazon, Google, etc) where the password field isn’t on the same page as the username/email, and so it works fine on most sites, it’s just annoying that it doesn’t work everywhere the same as Safari

@Alw101 Thanks for joining our community and posting this feedback!

Do you use Brave to store your passwords or a 3rd party password manager (e.g. 1Password, LastPass, Bitwarden)?

I use a third party password manager (Bitwarden) and have it set up with IOS’s auto fill.

There is a temporary way I use to get around the issue, which is tapping the share button and then BitWarden, which brings up my Vault, but I can’t auto fill - only copy and paste the password or username. I think this is the same for other 3rd party managers as well, so it would be better to have it directly built in.
Thanks for your time!

This the action you are talking about? It auto-fills for me, if I press this, and then select a login on the Bitwarden popup. Understand this still isn’t the best though.

Unfortunately, the autofill keyboard thing is an iOS system control, and we actually have no control over this, so any issues with it will probably need to be filed with Apple. :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s weird that auto fill works for you but not me - maybe it depends on the website. I hope iOS can fix it soon, but it might also be helpful to have some sort of blog post or something on the help page on how to do it temporarily - as I’ve had other people who I recommended Brave to ask me about this.

It might also be more appropriate to rename the ‘Share With’ button to something like ‘site options’, as there is more than just sharing there.