Brave Browser ios access to Autofill contact data and Passwords App / Keychain data

Description of the issue:

When using Safari in ios, it will give me the option of auto filling my contact information from the Contacts App as well as the username and password for the website from the Passwords App. The Brave ios Browser is not doing this. Is there a way for the ios Brave Browser to do the same?

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to familiar website which, in Safari, normally allows contact and password autofill
  2. Try the same thing but with the Brave Browswer
  3. No option for auto filling contact or password data

“Yes”, with directions how, or “no”, there is no current way for Brave Browswer to do this.

Brave Version 1.35.1

iPad Pro with latest version

@Irc2112 ,

Brave Browser has its own Password Manager (in development - not yet polished), and no built-in Address Book.

Example problem (1 year ago, March 2021, re Password management:

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