Auto Clear Browsing Data on Exit

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Brave is fantastic; a private-focused Chromium Browser is a quality product!

Request: Purge the browsing session’s full history, cookies, cache upon every exit of the application.

Reason: A user’s browsing history / cache is intimately revealing. For the overwhelming majority of Brave’s users, privacy is a fundamental concern and the technological controls employed toward that value is highly valued. Chromium is an excellent application however we all know how Google exploits their user’s data and privacy in exchange for their Chrome product. Brave is an excellent solution, however it lacks this one fundamental feature of automatically clearing all session traces upon exit (History, Cookies, Cache, etc). A quality example of this feature exists currently within Mozilla Firefox, whereby that browser will clear the user’s session history / cache upon exit.

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Hi @mn4508,

This option will be available for desktop with 0.63.x release (if not changed).


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Autoclearing on exit is still not working on Version 0.70.121 Chromium: 78.0.3904.70 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Any idea/ETA if this will ever be working properly?

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Are you using the Clear browsing data feature found in History --> Clear browsing data --> On Exit? Or are you using the toggle found in brave://settings/content/cookies?

I’m using version 1.22.71 (64-bit) in Windows 10

Not too long ago (just yesterday, in fact), simply closing the browser did not erase the search history. Now it does, IF you have made the following changes in the settings:

  1. Settings > Privacy and Security > Clear browsing data.
  2. Select the “On exit” tab (at the top of the box)
  3. Check all the items you want cleared on exit.
  4. Select the “Save” button below this list of items.

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You appear to be talking about Windows OS and that should not be the case. On my end, if I have data set to be cleared On exit, it will clear this data when I use the Exit option from the main menu (as you described), when I close all tabs/windows using ctrl + w, as well as when I simply click the X on the window to close it. You should see this same behavior.

Thanks. I just amended my comment since I noticed the change. It actually caught me by surprise. I closed the window with “ctrl+w,” and did NOT save a webpage, thinking it would be there when I re-opened the browser, but “ctrl+h” was entirely clear when I brought it back up. Doh! Nice to know that you guys are on-the-ball.

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