Attempted installation of Chrome extension unsuccessful. Are there known Chrome extensions that won't install in Brave?

@mattches So is it useful in my current situation?

Sounds like it just opens the browser the same way clicking on its icon in the Dock does.

Doesn’t it always open by default to Profile 1?

I’m not sure it’s going to be particularly useful but it’s worth a shot. Give it the path of the main profile you have.

@mattches Thanks, how does one determine/locate the path of a profile?

BTW, is there a way to reset a profile to a default condition? I can’t think of anything I’ve changed in my profile (the one with the extension issue) that I couldn’t easily restore, so I wouldn’t mind trying that if there is a way to reset a profile.

Deleting your profile would effectively “reset” it, but it would also clear all data from that profile. Is that something that you’re okay with?

@mattches Where can I find the webpage with what a Profile actually is – i.e., what specific data it stores (and will be lost if I delete it)?

I realize that a ‘profile’ must be more or less equivalent to a ‘user account,’ but without knowing exactly what will get erased, I can’t determine how miserable I might end up being.

E.g., if I lose all my bookmarks, will I be able to restore them in a ‘new’ profile (from the backup I would make before trashing the current profile that has the problem)?

And/or if there’s a way to back up the ‘profile’ itself, will I be able to copy/restore its contents in the ‘new’ profile?


Here’s the deal – a profile holds basically everything you do, install and configure in Brave. This gets trickier if you have a wallet that you’re using but if memory serves me correctly I don’t believe that you are using the Rewards system.

If that’s the case, what you’ll want to do is make a copy of the profile folder that you use regularly. Do you have more than one browser profile at this time? You can check by opening the profile manager menu, located next to the main menu:

@mattches Thanks. My Profile dropdown menu is right on the menu bar in between ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘Tab.’ I can see any (i.e., all) profiles listed right there (afaik).

I have one other profile, but it was just the one you advised me to create to test the extension in a new profile (which confirmed that the issue was with Profile 1). Anyway, I don’t need that profile, just Profile 1.

As far as the location of the profile goes (for backing it up), from reading another community post I’ve gotten as far as: Users//Library/Application Support/Brave/

What exactly will I be copying/backing up – i.e., the entire folder (with subfolders), a particular folder or file, etc.?

And is there a special ‘profile backup’ facility within Brave to do that or is it just a matter of making a standard drag-&-drop copy to another disk/storage media location? (If so, how does its data get into the new profile?)

Thanks again.

You should copy all profile folders – that way in case anything happens its easy to undo. But you’re primary concern is copying the entire Profile 1 folder and all subfolders within it. Then you can go ahead and either un/reinstall Brave completely or, go to Menu --> Settings --> Reset Settings which will revert your Brave installation to it’s default state as it was when it was first installed.

At this point, I would go ahead and test to see if you are able to install the desired extension. Then, assuming it works, with everything reset, rename your Profile 1 folder to Default, then copy/paste/replace it into ~Library/Application Support/BraveSoftware/Brave-browser. You should now have a Brave installation with only one profile (Default), all your bookmarks/data/etc, and the extension installed.

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@mattches Thanks, all clear following a Mac shutdown and restart (i.e., without doing any of the Profile-related actions.)

I had already done a prior system restart without it having any effect on the issue before I posted about this.

Acc. to Apple Store rep, ‘restart’ and ‘shutdown’ are the same (shutdown just adds ‘power off’).

That’s either incorrect or whatever fluke had caused the problem with the extension was no longer active for some other unrelated reason.

Regarding the Profiles, as I look in my Brave-browser directory, I see a Profile 2 folder but nothing that identifies Profile 1 anywhere. There is no other file or folder in that directory with the word "profile’ in its name than the Profile 2 folder. Any idea why?

you welcome @mk7z

and sorry for late replay

after you give it a temperary location it start brave as if that new folder is the base of the profile just give it empty folder then it would start as if it fresh copy

manytime it even fix the issue when you can not even start your default profile you can say the brave or any chrome based browser fix it self

so after you open brave with that way you close it again then start brave the normal way

here a post that this one worked with her

i see you follow up with Mattches so i think he will have better thoughts than mine so stick with him

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

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@mattches Thanks for your assistance with this. I guess what was ‘off’ with the profile will remain a mystery.

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