At this point, the ONLY focus (besides critically-urgent & sudden safety patches) you should have is implementing Uphold wallet authorization on mobile

Look, I know that support requests that we do not be aggressive when making a topic, so please understand that if this seems that way, it’s because I, and many, many, many others, have been forced to tolerate this issue for at least over 6 months now in my case, and probably more than a year for others, and STILL you’re putting this off.

I have no clue how many hundreds’ of thousands’ worth of USD in BAT have been inaccessible in total, but it is beyond any excuse that you could reasonably have, besides maybe admitting bankruptcy.
Really, at this point I’m getting quite confident this is a real, definitive money-laundering scheme, because the only things I’ve heard is, simplified to a few or more words: “We’re working on it… we’re busy…”. I believe nearly everyone would agree with me when I say this is unacceptable.


  1. Admit bankruptcy,
  2. Explain in detail, with consistent updates, what the problem is, or
  3. Hand over access to our wallets, whether that be through uphold, giving us our seed phrases (preferable), or any other way that works.

You’re simply abusing our patience, and we’re not at all happy about it.

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Are you on Android or iOS?

I am on iOS, iPhone 7 plus.

Sorry, we are working to comply with App Store rules. We’re also working on Sync plans to help users who have multiple devices with Brave and use Sync from being constrained by App Store rules.



Though I am seeking to become familiar with it, I don’t know how to effectively navigate Github in a way so I can find where people discuss what they’re working on, what problems are unsolved, etc.
I understand that this is the community forum, but this doesn’t usually go into detail enough for the way I process things. (Maybe because of something related to my Asperger’s,) I get stressed about not knowing what the specific problem is, (by default, but especially when it’s been a problem for long time and I STILL am only guessing) and prefer to logically assess it for my own sake.
Even if I can’t or don’t/won’t know how to fix it, it is much less stressful than just not knowing.

I do understand that the app store is making moves toward anti-web3, though I haven’t looked into it much about why they’re doing that… did they give any reasons? If not, do you know if there any accepted guesses and/or (conspiracy) theories going around in communities I may not be active in?
(I respect possibilities; I’m not fooled by the confirmation bias against conspiracy theories. No need to refrain from sharing ideas.)

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We can’t discuss our interactions with the App Store, sorry. We’re hopeful they will approve us.


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Okay; thanks for providing the details you were able to share.

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