"Ask where to save files" toggle not working

Hey Brave,
The Setting under Download “Ask where to save files” toggle is not working as usual. When I turn it to “Enable”, go back to the settings menu and tap on Downloads again, it shows it is “Disabled”. Please fix this error.
I am using Brave ver. 1.23.74 Android
Thank You.

i think that has some relation to the permission of brave you give from your app manager
check if it has storage permission or not
and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thank You for replying,
Storage Permission is already granted.
In prev. ver. Of Brave, that toggle (or feature) was working fine!!
Thank You.

you welcome
could you try to clear cache/cookies and see if it help

I have cleared every possible thing, history, cache, cookie. But none of those fix the problem!
I have Chrome installed out-of-the-box and that feature,“ask where to save file” is working properly.

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you welcome let me ask @Mattches to help you with that

Thanks for pointing this out. I am able to reproduce this issue on my end as well and have found that someone had already opened an issue on Github to track this:

I’ve added your report to the thread as well as informed devs directly about it.