As of 3 days ago, MacBook Pro won't sleep

For the past three days, when I shut my computer lid at the end of the evening, for some reason, the computer continues to run in the background, and when I wake up, the battery level is at 3 or 4% and nearly dead. This has never happened before, and after speaking with Apple, they’ve determined that it must be Brave running in the background, making the computer unable to fall asleep. Was something changed on Brave’s end that causes it to continually run, despite long-term inactivity? This is urgent, so I would appreciate some feedback ASAP.

Try turning off “Continue running background apps when Brave is closed” in brave://settings/system

Do what @Annonymous said, maybe it helps. Good luck!

Sorry, I don’t see that option. When I go to settings/system, this is what I’m looking at.

Hello, (if im not wrong) you have an outdated version of the Browser. Go to

brave://settings/help and check if u can update the Browser

I was outdated, but now it’s updated and at v 1.18.78. That has not changed that shows up on the system page, though. It remains the same.

Hello, I am unable to find the problem. Sorry, it would be best to wait for someone from Brave to respond

Greetings, Markook

This issue has persisted today despite Brave being fully updated. Does anyone know why this might be occurring? Please assist ASAP. As mentioned above, the “continue running background apps when Brave is closed” is not an available option for me under brave://settings/system. Thanks in advance.

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