Brave update help

hello. is there a way I can update brave on my MacBook?

Brave updates itself automatically. When an update is available for download but has not yet been applied, you will be notified next to the main menu button in the browser:

I have never seen this notification on my browser since I use Brave and macOS…

That is how it appears on Brave for both macOS and Windows (macOS shown in the image above).

You can also initiate an update by going to Settings --> About Brave

Understood, but I am on macOS too and I never saw this message.
Indeed for Settings → About Brave

Did going to About Brave initiate the update?

Yes this is the only way working for me and I am using the last version of Brave.

This is the main way to update with the exception of clicking the notification next to the main menu when it appears. Not entirely clear on why you would not be seeing this notification.

Can you tell me what version of macOS you’re using at this time?

I can confirm I have never seen any notification next to the main menu, since I use brave and macOS. My OS version is 11.6
Would it be a setting in the Browser itself?

No, this should happen automatically. Again I’m unclear on what would cause this particular notification to not appear. I can ask a few team members to see if they have any ideas on why this may be the case.

Will let you know here when I have more information.

That’s awesome. I am one of the BAT ambassador and I would be happy to know what could cause this issue, to explain to other people if they face the same one.
Waiting for your feedback, thank you for your help!

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Isn’t the notification appears when

  1. there’s an update but
  2. the browser is not closed/quit for some times (days/weeks/months(?))← because a browser restart is required(?) to applying the update, @Mattches @ehquionest

I think the update notification goes away once the update is found and downloaded but does not display if all that is required is a relaunch.

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