April month Payout And May

Hi, I’ve already Messaged this issue to @steeven 1 week ago. But i haven’t got any response yet Sadly I’m posting here !

and Haven’t got paid over 2 months now ,

its getting frustrating now Seriously.

Thank you !

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I’m having the same issue any update?

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Nope , not even a single word!!!

Hello, I am also having the same issue - sent a message regarding April payout on 4/10 and haven’t received a response yet still…I tried to get help from Uphold again and was directed back to Brave and it looks like this online community is the only way to communicate with Brave support. I haven’t gotten payout since January, and it is very frustrating. I will post if I get an answer, but I’m hoping posting to this thread will bring visibility!

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I’ve heard that many users are experiencing this issue, along with myself. The payments just suddenly stopped coming.

Edit: the May payout thread shows that the payments are completed, however I did not receive anything last month, nor this month. @steeven

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Hi @Silver023, I’m not seeing a message from you, I’ll send you one now. Thank you.

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Hi @steeven Could you please check my message from last month and see if you could also please help me with my payout status? Thank you!

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