Did not receive my payout for June


I did not receive my payment for my ad’s this month my wallet is verified and everything was working fine until this month.

I tried to reach Brave via support and twitter but I did not have answers …

Can you tell me who I can contact for this kind of issue ?

Hi @caed9Toh - I can help. Please DM me your Rewards Internals and a screenshot of your rewards panel. Thanks!

Hi, i have not received my rewards using the brave browser on windows 10 since like march. My wallet is verified with uphold and it is up and running, i just don’t seem to get the payouts. Is there any way someone from brave support could look into this?

Hi @steeven, i too am facing the same problem. I have DM’d you my internals details. Please respond.


I am experiencing the same issue. However, in my case, I am missing 2 consecutive months of Brave rewards. Please advise. Thank you.


Do you have any news ?


Hi @kautilyak - I’m not seeing a DM from you. Please resend. Thank you.

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