Haven't recieved my brave rewards for january

Hey, i haven’t received my brave rewards for the month of january which was around 1.2 bat, could you please help me with it.

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Same Here, don’t know what hell is wrong with Brave now.

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@compli and @vidyut , no clue as to why so many issues lately but they are working on it. Brave has asked that anyone having issues directly contact with Wallet Info and all. If you just posted like you did now, the only response you’ll get is telling you to message them.

I posted some details at Still no payout? read this before posting

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I haven’t received my payout for January as well. My account is verified and I completed the questionnaire on uphold. Not sure what’s going in. Is there any point of contact for this?

@pathfinder contacting would get your message out there and they’d hopefully resolve issue and get BAT to you. If the BAT isn’t a big deal to you, then no, no point at all, lol.

I contacted them last week regarding this issue, however; they haven’t replied so far!:smirk:

every 6th of each month Brave deposited in my Uphold account but my payment for the month of January still hasn’t arrived

@parkook hopefully they get to you soon. I know @steeven and them have been busy, but not sure if should say no reply in a week? Perhaps try sending again and then will hope this tag will draw some attention

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