I didn't receive my Uphold payout this month

Hello, I use brave since about a year now. This month I didn’t receive my Uphold payout.

I thought that I wrote a PM to @steeven 3 days ago, but i’m not sure anymore if that was the correct way to write a pm here. (This was my first PM here)


Would be really sad, but I still think they payout. I don’t even want to know with how many users @steeven has to write because of the bug in a older version of brave. 3 days in my case is not long. but like I said above i’m not sure if I sent my PM correctly. For example my messages are empty:

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I send many DMs to moderater, written many Post but no clear response by them, they suggested old post to follow as a solution.

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Thanks for following up. This is still a known issue that’s being investigated and updates can be tracked here - Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet.