Anyone else seeing this? All text is hidden, all images blocked by this yellow/red image. Not sure what's going on

Wondering if this is potentially because of extensions that are installed on Brave (I’ve got maybe 5 or so, AdBlock, Pocket, and a few others) –– but I can’t remove them because it’s impossible to figure out what button is what without any text displaying.

which is the website you trying to access

and to confirm if it cause of extension or not start it in private mode and see if it work

First screenshot is IG, second is Twitter –– same issue exists across all sites though. Tried both private modes, both seem to have the same issue.

that weird but i do not have mac to test even your menu bar looks weird

could you try to start new profile and see if that help

@Mattches could you help us here

have a nice day both of you

Weird issue!
It very well may be an extension issue, however unless you have your extensions set to run in Private windows, launching Private window should have displayed normally. Can you try launching the browser from the macOS Terminal with Hardware Acceleration disabled and see if you get different results?

Open the Terminal and enter this command: open -a "Brave" --args --disable-gpu


@Mattches That seems to have done the trick, thanks. Not particularly familiar with why hardware acceleration is an issue here –– is there a downside to having this set to off permanently?

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You should not notice any difference between having it on and off :slight_smile:

Great, thanks so much!

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thanks @Mattches for the new knowledge i got

and congratulations @astwav for fixing your issue

and have a nice day both of you

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